How to get your Toddler to eat GREEN foods

Ladies and gents, may I introduce the Green Machine! Kitted out in his hand me down green onesie (I have to use bribes to get him to take it off!) it was only fitting that he ate his first ever green food! What a BREAKTHROUGH! (By choice I should add! I did manage to get him to eat some broccoli once with a bribe of chocolate for dessert!)

After reading a post on a breastfeeding for allergies FB site, suggesting that allergies could be due to the MUMS gut flora being out of synch during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding, I was firstly shocked, then in denial and finally a wave of dreadful mum guilt spread over every inch of me! As if I don’t have enough mum guilt as it is?! 😡😤

So, just in case it is actually all my fault that my kids have been so ill since birth, I decided to try and make a difference to my gut flora. I happened to stumble across a recipe for a green juice and sent Mr G and the boys out to the shops. The next morning, I started to chop up the celery and cucumber which both boys turned their noses up at until…
I got the Nutri-Ninja out, which has been sitting in the cupboard looking pretty since we bought it months ago. Instantly, both boys were interested in what I was doing – and this is how the story of Bay eating his greens began! (No, I wasn’t holding the knife to him!)

Bay helped by putting all the ingredients in and turning the blender on and off and on and off and on and off and you get the picture! When it was all done, he asked to have some!!!! Whaaaaaat?!?! I have tried a million and one times to get this boy to eat some greens and he’s never even put them past his lips without said bribe! Now, all of a sudden he wants to drink this neon green juice!! UNBELIEVABLE!

It’s so typical isn’t it?! Us mums (and dads!) go to such lengths trying to coerce our kids to eat good green foods or even resort to hiding them in their meals somehow. Yet, in my case anyway, they have this mad superpower to instantly recognise there’s a tiny handful of spinach leaves crushed up in the vat of bolognese the second they put some in their mouth.

I’m normally waiting with anxious anticipation after spending at least an hour painstakingly cooking with 2 crying and hungry kids hanging off my legs. I don’t know why I ever bothered as the reaction was always the same, an instant recoil coupled with a complete look of disdain which very quickly turns to the ‘I’m about to be sick’ look and subsequently spitting it all out! You know what I’m talking about!! Eggy bread it is then! #shouldnthavebothered!

So here we are, still in our pyjamas on a Monday morning (or is it Tuesday?! I can’t remember, Oh, Who cares), me riddled with mum guilt watching Bay neck his green juice. See, now I’m feeling a little guilty that I know he’s going to hate it and probably spit it out, spraying green food sludge over the kitchen! I even got the camera ready to capture it to have a laugh with his dad later, but to my utter surprise, and slight horror – green teeth, (argh!), I caught this! I stood in silence, honestly left with no words! He said he liked it! Hang on, run that past me again! I’ve spent 2.5years trying to get you to eat healthy green foods, what the hell is going on??

Getting a toddler to eat green foods via juice

It didn’t stop there though people! As he continued to lap up his juice, he started to pick up and explore the celery, cucumber and spinach leaves that had gone into the blender and SHOCK HORROR, he asks me to chop some more up for him to eat! I started chopping but still waiting for that moment when I realise I’m being played and, it’s all in actual fact, one big joke! It was so weird! I wasn’t prepared for any of this and to be honest, I didn’t know how to react. Do I make a big deal and praise him loads for finally accepting and eating something green out of choice or do I quietly continue as if it was all completely normal? I pretended as though it was normal more because I was in shock and couldn’t quite muster up much more than a,’ “yeah of course here you go!” What’s happened to my kid?!?’ Kind of response.

I only chopped up a small amount as, in all probability, I would be throwing it in the bin within moments, right? It was great that he liked the juice but this was all a bit too good to be true and there was no way he would enjoy eating these foods individually and in their full form, I thought. He started munching the celery and… that’s it I’ve had enough, where’s my kid gone?? He only bloody liked it!! Same thing with the spinach leaf! A leaf!! Something he would have normally ripped up to shreds saying ‘biscusting’ and ‘yucky’ without even tasting it! I was actually a little relieved when he said he didn’t like the cucumber!

So there you go everyone! The trick to getting your kid to eat those healthy green foods, is to not even try! That’s it! From now on, I’ll be getting Bay to make all of his own juices and I’ll even get him cooking the dinner with me! 🙌

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