What To Feed Your Allergic Child Who Refuses To Eat

imageIt’s hard to know what to do with a child who refuses to eat. It’s one thing having a child with many allergies and then a whole new ball game when coupled with your child being a fussy eater! Fortunately for this one, there is a vegetable purée baby packet that he is able to have, which is pretty amazing and such a relief
because of course as a parent it is a constant worry whether your kids are eating let alone eating healthy foods.

imageUnfortunately for this little man, this one vegetable packet is no longer an exciting prospect and who can blame him after being forced to devour it every day for the past few months, sometimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact if he isn’t having these three vegetables in puréed form he is having the exact same foods in roasted form.
So after an attempt at giving little man chicken and carrots for lunch to no avail, I pulled out the trusted vegetable pouch. Despite still being a baby really, Kk was surprisingly able to extract the pouch from my hands and throw it imageacross the room with brute force spraying purée over everything in the close vicinity. With screaming so high in pitch and a tanty that left me with no other options, it was time to crack open the organic vegetable crisps. Happy lunch gorgeous boy! Shame about the beetroot strained carpet, but quite frankly, who the hell cares?!



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  1. Poor KK, due to his allergies it must be so frustrating not to be able to eat a normal variety of foods that others at his age can enjoy.

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