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Rich and stimulating activities are absolutely key to child development

Educational QuotesAs an experienced primary school teacher, now stay at home mum to 2 toddlers, I am constantly trying to find suitable activities to do with my kids.  ICT now features heavily in everyday life and even in everyday learning within schools and homes. I’m very much a fan of using technology for teaching my kids (but of course everything in moderation) and I’ve been introduced to a fab app by Kidloland that helps me do just that!

Children are, amazingly, born with an innate readiness and interest to learn, explore and experience the world around them. Therefore it is important as parents/guardians that we encourage and facilitate their developments as much as we can, particularly in these first few critical years.

There are a lot of studies and information available on the importance of good quality experiences in the early years. Brain development is most rapid at this time and can be advanced further with quality stimulation, support and nurture.  Evidence shows that invaluable life skills that a person possesses such as life successes, health and emotional well-being are directly influenced by such experiences in early childhood.

Not only do  these experiences shape early brain development but they also allow a child to learn the skills of self-regulation.  ‘Self-regulation is the critical, interlocking component of social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical domains of development’. This basically means that a child is maturing in their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviour as well as advancing their focus and attention skills.

Stimulating Activities

What has any of this got to do with the activities in the KidloLand App?

Well, KidloLand have created a highly stimulating app that is updated on a monthly basis and is aimed at children from 0-5. There are lots of great features that will help our little ones to develop.

  • There are over 260 nursery rhymes and songs that are beautifully animated and even better are educational AND interactive. Interactive learning ultimately develops critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning’. Brilliant! Both my kids (aged  1 and 2) love to press the characters and objects on the screen and watch in anticipation to see what will happen. Bay, my eldest, particularly loves the fireman song and will play it on loop trying to learn the words!

Fireman Activities

  • There are over 100 games and activities which focus on the areas of Early Years Education.  I have noticed, with some of the activities, that Bay has been encourage to think ‘outside the box’ which is a big plus in my book as children who are provided with challenging activities are more likely to stay engaged and learn!

Dot to dot Activities

  • There are so many activities and songs to choose from that my kids have been engrossed with this App. There are independent activities which allow my kids to develop confidence in their learning as well as plenty of opportunities for me to support and interact with them. This interaction is extremely important as it aids development of speech, emotional and social adeptness as well as general cognitive and memory skills.  On top of this, evidence has also found that, interestingly, children have a greater ‘school readiness when their parents are actively involved in their home computer use‘.

A Huge Range Of Kids Activities

  • The KidloLand App recently won the Acedemics Choice Smart Media Award and rightly so! With this app, your kids will learn about shapes, sorting, sowing seeds, roles of ‘people who help us’, completing puzzles, the alphabet, animals, birds, insects, vehicles, foods, numbers, colours…the list is endless!

Educational Activities App Award

The only downfall I have found with the KidloLand app is that they have recently added a new phonics section which, at present, isn’t entirely accurate.  However, they have assured me that they ‘will try to make the necessary changes and avoid making the same mistake in future‘. Excellent!

Phonics Activities

I have included a link to a Ruth Miskin video that demonstrates ‘pure sounds’. These allow your child to blend sounds together more easily and therefore enhance their early literacy skills. NB: It is important that phonetical vowel sounds are adjusted accordingly to the local accent.  

In conclusion

I highly recommend the KidloLand App for children aged 0-5. I know my kids will gain greatly from using the numerous activities for many months to come!

You can download this app from Google Play Store or from iTunes. Alternatively, for your chance to win a 3 month subscription to the KidloLand App just complete the widget below! Happy playing!

Sewing Seeds Activity

*Disclaimer -I was asked to write this review in exchange for 1 years subscription to the KidloLand App
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11 thoughts on “A Must Have Educational App

    1. It’s great to read a review by a person who knows their stuff – being a primary school teacher, you are the right person to point out the benefits of an educational based app or toy and proved this with your research backed points. Good on you for pointing out the phonics inadequacies to the manufacturer and improving the usefillness of the app for future kids!

  1. That looks like a great app! I agree with you about education and from the moment we are born, we are ready to learn. My kids are older so this app won’t help them but it definitely sounds like something I would have used with my kids when they were younger. Great review! Popping over from #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thanks Michelle! It’s amazing what is available to help kids learn in a really fun way nowadays!

  2. This looks a great app. Have entered the competition so fingers crossed I can give it a trial.
    My fav activity with the grand-kids is reading with them. Theirs is probably me chasing them round the garden 🙂

    1. I love reading with my kids too, but you’re right, I think they much prefer to use me as a climbing frame! I don’t have the energy to run away …

  3. So pleased to win the subscription.
    I’m looking forward to trying it with my grandson.
    Thanks for a great post and giveaway 🙂

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