It’s a wonderful life with my baby, full of crap!

movie at the zooIt’s a wonderful life with children and I do love being a mum. I do love to share the most cute and adorable pictures of my kids and I love to see all those of my friends and families kids too. It’s really nice to see what they are up to and how they are growing and great to see happy mums and dads in these pictures too. But when I’m having a really bad day I have to admit, Its pretty frustrating and disheartening seeing all those lovely smiley happy family pictures that suggest that everyone else’s lives are filled with joy and happiness every day with brilliantly behaved kids. Even more so when I have 2 screaming boys fighting over one of the many fire engines they’ve thrown all over the floor.

So I thought I would share an experience I had not long ago that that had a bit of everything in it. Happiness, sadness, excitement, frustration, fighting, playing, anxiety, relief and finally sleep!

On Friday night I was having a ‘life is crap’ moment as it was dawning on me that I was going to spend another day on my own with 2 young boys who crave my attention at every waking moment. Not only was I going to have to entertain them for the entire day, which is doable with a few cups of tea along the way, but I would then also have to do the dreaded bedtime by myself too, arghhh!!! Luckily, dear husband did the sensible thing of using good old trusted Google to find something for me to do. Brilliant, some kiddy fun filled event in the local community centre. Perfect. I then checked my emails and found one from the zoo inviting me as a member to come along to an evening open session followed by a film, snoopy. Now I don’t remember much about snoopy other than he was a dog…so surely that should be ok? Brilliant, now I have things to do to seriously tire the kids out so bedtime should be relatively easy 🙂 I go to bed much happier.

Saturday morning the boys and I wave goodbye to daddy on his way to Sydney for a rugby game and we get ready for the day. It’s a lovely sunny day so of course we are all happy. Out in the pram …wow, I actually managed to convince Bay to sit in the pram, go me! So out in the pram we walk to the fun filled kiddy event and I had one of those ‘try to remember this very moment in time for the rest of your life’ moments when Bay was the most excited little boy in the entire world when he sat down to have his face painted for the first time. He chose to be a tiger and let out the most ferocious roar he could muster that went on and on till his face turned red and he couldn’t breathe any more. Yep, that’s my boy! He gained so much attention that the rest of the afternoon was, and for those of you having a rubbish day I’m sorry to say it…a piece of cake! It’s very rare that I ever get to describe my day in this way, so I’m going to lap it up and say it again, yes it was super easy! Wow! I had a bit of a bounce in my step as we finished up playing with balloons, dancing kiddy Zumba, Bay ‘fake’ winning the raffle and Kk being so entertained by everything happening around him that I hardly had to entertain him all afternoon. To top this afternoon off both boys fell asleep in the pram on the way home, another rarity, so I managed to get 30 mins rest, cook the dinner and pack up snacks for our evening at the zoo. Woohoo!

I couldn’t actually believe how well my day was going especially after my hissy fit the night before. After dinner we packed up the car and drove to the zoo. Bay was talking and asking questions the whole way there. He loved going over the Westgate bridge, seeing the tall city buildings and the big wheel. When we arrived at the zoo Bay shouted out, ‘Kk, we’re at the zoo, look we’re here, mummy’s brought us to the zoo!’ A huge smile made its way across my face as I started feeling like the best mum in the world. I still couldn’t believe how well this day had turned out. I wrapped the boys up, over packed the pram with blankets and treats and headed over to the entrance. Still feeling on top of the moon at how brilliantly I was handling everything I went to pay for my ticket. Oh bloody hell, this cannot happen right now….my card is rejected, and I’ve got no money!!! Shit shit shit, nooooooo!! ‘Have you got any other way of paying?’ The ticket lady says. My heart starts to thump, oh god, no I don’t, how am I going to tell these beautiful little boys with huge smiles showing off their sparkling toothy pegs that we have to go home?!?! I knew this day was too good to be true! ‘Don’t worry, just go on through,’the ticket lady says. I let out a huge sigh of relief. I could have climbed through that little hole and squeezed her to bits, thank you SO much ticket lady, you’ve saved my amazing day.

We walk around the zoo saying good night to the animals and enjoyed making monkey noises before heading over to see the giraffes before the movie started. One of the giraffes clearly had too much energy before bedtime as he was running all over his enclosure. It was a great sight to see, but even better Bay and Kk were completely engrossed allowing me 15 mins of calmness. Phew. It was almost time for the film to start but it was also 7.30 pm and getting cold and dark so I did think maybe now is a good time to go home and get ready for bed but Bay insisted that he wanted to stay and watch the movie. Well, we were having such a great day it would be a shame to spoil it now, so yes, let’s go and watch a movie! With Kk strapped to my back and Bay walking in front, I took all the blankets, coats, hats and food out of the pram and walked through the many families already set up on the grass and we managed to find a small little space to get cosy for the night. The Stars were out, the atmosphere was relaxed but fun, the boys were having the time of their life and I was in disbelief at how this day had turned out. It was perfect! I love these boys so much and what a brilliant experience this is for us all. What a great mum I am!! I have completely nailed it!

The film starts, the crowd goes quiet, Kk and Bay enjoying eating their bowls of popcorn eyes transfixed on the big screen. I watched them with love and pride and then… This stupid little squirrel comes on to the screen knocking about with its big nut with weird noises. Oh this is just great! Kk jumped up and scampered over to me at lighting fast speed and Bay says with fear on his face, ‘uh oh mummy, I don’t like this one!’ Oh f&£k!!!!! Seconds later Bay is standing screaming his head off, ‘take me home mummy, hold me, arrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh, mummy!!!! Aarrrrghhhhhhhh, take me home now!!!!! Arrghhhhhhhh, mummy, hold me’ it continued getting louder and more horrific. Kk is now also screaming his head off. Oh shitting shitting shit shit!!! I start trying to pack up whilst also trying my best to calm Bay down with Kk clinging on to and swinging off my arm and legs. Oh my god! Is this actually happening right now?! Luckily 2 women came to my rescue and held the boys whilst I picked up all our belongings and made our way through the maze of people to the pram. I strapped Kk on as fast as I could and then pushed Bay away at super fast speed with my heart thumping so hard I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or both! By the time we got to the entrance we had all calmed down thank god. I couldn’t believe it, best mum in the world feeling had changed within an instant to worst mum in the world! And there was no one with me to tell me otherwise. Then Bay says, ‘thank you mummy for taking me and Kk away from that scary film!’ Oh my god, I love this boy so much. I felt so utterly bad that I had put them through that. I couldn’t stop apologising!

Finally we got to the car. A slight feeling of relief washed over me, it’s over, we can go home now, everything is ok. Right, keys?! No, no, no, no, no!!!! The keys are in the change bag….where is the change bag?!?! Oh god, no, this isn’t happening, please no! I’ve left the change bag! Shit!

We go back and luckily Bay is happy to stay with the ticket lady at the entrance while I walk back to the film area with Kk strapped onto my front. When I get down there I’m not really concentrating on the story, but I see a little white dog doing some cute funny stuff. I’ve no idea what this film is about and maybe it wasn’t suitable anyway but all I was thinking was….who decided to put a crazy looking squirrel at the effing start?? Argh! I find the bag and start walking out towards Bay. All the while Kk is trying his hardest to look behind me desperately wanting to watch the film. I’d say he was screaming before more because he didn’t get to finish his beloved popcorn!

The whole way home Bay kept thanking me for taking him and his brother away from the scary film. I continued to apologise and suggested we watched Winnie the Pooh the next morning. Happy kid again thank god. We got home, got ready for bed, cuddled and kissed and said good night. Thank god this day is over!! Tomorrow is a new day.

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