Illness, Friends and Playdough

Baby cuddles
I love the first 5-10 mins of each morning when I am inundated with
happy cuddles, kisses and giggles from my baby boys. Despite being
ridiculously tired and never quite ready to be awake, it’s a really good way to start the day, even when you haven’t really slept at all, which has been the last 2 nights in particular.

It’s always gorgeous until the very moment I get up. Kk (1yrs old) doesn’t yet understand what it means for me to get up and still very much expects and imagines himself being attached to me
throughout the day whilst Bay (2.5yrs) assumes that his porridge must be already cooked, cooled down and magically waiting for him on the table, because of course, that’s what mums can do by solely completing the act of getting out of bed!

Big baby cuddles

The words ‘No, I don’t want to go out, I just want to stay at home and
play’ are played on repeat at an annoyingly high volume and continue to resonate in my head long after we leave the house on our way to see the doctor. Turns out kk has an ear infection, oh, on top of everything else, that’s just great! Oops, I mean, poor Kk.

A ripped up newspaper and a few damaged items later and we leave the pharmacy with our medicine on our way to playgroup, happy days 🙂 Bay is super excited that he also has a bag of medicine, little does he know it’s actually a vaccine with his name all over it – a surprise he will find out about next week!

Baby playgroup

We love our Friday playgroup! It’s one we look forward to each week. It’s always filled with fun activities, great kids and super friendly mums and dads. In fact this group has been our saving grace since moving down under and for a couple of hours each week I get to relax and watch my boys just play and be happy. Unfortunately it’s so great that finish time is always a nightmare and the words, ‘no, I don’t want to go home, I just want to stay at playgroup and play’ is then played on repeat the entire way home!

After having virtually no sleep for 2 days, I’m now ready to completely and utterly crash out and with kk asleep I wonder whether I could get away with a quick nap whilst Bay watches a program??? I’m not quite sure what the psychology is but it seems the second I lay down a wave of wild excitement seems to pass over my boys as if completely instinctive and I find myself instantly showered with hits, kicks and pile ons! So as I lay trying to protect my head from the blows directed at me by my loving laughing son, I decide it’s probably better to drink 5 cups of tea instead and plough on through the afternoon.

With Kk unwell and spending most of his time crying I made the executive decision to stay in. Most parents will know that staying in for an entire afternoon with just one kid is setting yourself up for failure, but staying in with 2, you might as well shoot yourself there
and then! But…I have a great idea! We will make playdough and then play with it, perfect!


So we start with the flour and apart from half of it being on the floor and all over kk’s head (yes, Bay poured it on his head!) we were doing well. We even got to making different coloured playdough when Bay decided he wanted to open all the lids to the colours despite being told not too, of course! So, whilst trying to take the colours off Bay, Kk is enjoying a taste of the new blue playdough (this is not good considering the amount of allergies he has!). Bloody hell, really? So then I spend a good while trying to prize his incredibly salty ‘snack’ off him and clear up before anymore unwanted incidents occur.

At this point I had stopped listening to Bay talking except hearing a snippet, ‘I’m just going to put this on my back’. I turn around to see him putting the vapour rub on himself …but where is the lid??? Oh for god sake, it’s only in Kk’s mouth! How did Bay even get it? How is this happening?? Is it even really happening? ‘Right, that’s it, forget the playdough, I’m done with playdough!’ I had said it before thinking…cue BIG tears followed by a chopping board flying through the air! Really?!? Anyway…a super crap couple of hrs followed and then thank god!!! It’s bedtime!!!!

Currently typing this post sitting on the sofa holding Kk in my arms who has cried all evening. Paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamine, colic drops and antibiotics later and he is finally asleep!

Sleeping baby

Looking forward to my morning cuddles from my baby boys 🙂

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