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I’ve been told a few times in the recent past to have a go at blogging! I’ve been against it until now for a couple of reasons, the first being finding the time of course. The second being that of worry! Worry my message is misinterpreted; too honest; too grumpy or just too boring. So what has changed? I’ve decided I no longer care! After 2.5 years of limited experience as a mum I’ve realised that parenthood is completely a game of trial and error. What may be too grumpy for one person may be spot on for another, so here goes…

I am relatively new to Australia, new to blogging and in the grand scheme of things, new to parenthood too! Of course becoming a parent is just utterly magical and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Each and every day is filled with love, laughter, fun, excitement, curiosity, intrigue and many more incredible feelings which pass by within glorious moments that I cherish wholeheartedly.  However, although I always expected parenthood to be hard, and despite having had two gorgeous boys who I love dearly, nothing quite prepared me for the utter exhaustion, anxiety and loneliness that has plagued me over the past 2.5 years that comes with being a parent to children with allergies. Both my boys have suffered severe illness caused by said allergies, my youngest being the worst who has been put under the umbrella term, ‘multiple food protein allergy’ which is given when there are so many there is no point in listing them. As part of my blogs I’m hoping to spread more understanding and exposure into what life can be like for so many children and parents particularly in this generation where allergies are so rife.

I’ve started this blog for my own sanity but I’m hoping that others may find comfort in my experiences; if not just a giggle during a quick tea break 🙂

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